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Development of project report/Techno Economic Feasibility Report on edible mushroom cultivation.

Project execution on mushroom Production Technology-infrastructure, substrate preparation, spawn, casing, crop management, post harvest handling, climate controls and related issues.

Infrastructure : Bulk Compost  Pasteurazatioin Chamber,Indoor Phase-I Composting Chamber,Climate Controlled Cropping Rooms,Spawn Production Laboratory,Processing Unit/Post Harvest Handling Unit,Composting Platform and other related structures.

Advice on all issues of mushroom cultivation on-site.

Pest and Disaese management.

Organic mushroom cultivation.

Usage as health food, food value and recipes.

Scope of mushroom cultivation as an eco friendly crop.

Mushroom Farm Design for tropical/temperate conditions.

Cold store solutions/mushroom cultivation in a cold storage.

Organising training programmes on mushroom cultivation.

Cultivation of Specialty mushrooms.

Advice to seasonal mushroom growers on cultivation, infrastucture building, crop management and related issues.

Utilization of spent mushroom substrate.

Other related issues in edible mushroom cultivation.

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